Miracle-Gro DFSC70 70 Liter 18.5 Gallon Bin Spinning Tumbling Aeration Garden Waste Soil Composter with 3 Piece Hand Tool Kit, Black


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Save time and money making your garden grow greener this season with the help of this Miracle-Gro 70-Liter Bin Tumbling Garden Waste Composter. Composting is nature’s way of recycling, turning your backyard garden waste into nutrient-rich compost soil over time.

This particular composter is a tumbling and spinning composter design, which speeds up the composting process by aerating the soil with the built-in mixing bars. This garden composter can hold up to 70 liters (18.5 gallons or 2.47 cubic feet), plus this composting bin features easy assembly, sturdy metal legs, an easy-slide door, and a stopper for comfortable use. This large bin also comes with a 3-piece hand tool kit with a hand trowel, hand cultivator, and hand fork.

Even better, this tumbling composter bin is built to last season after season in your backyard. It’s UV protected so your compost will break down, not your composter.

Product Highlights

  • Tumbling composter holds up to 70 liters of compost (18.5 gallons or 2.47 cubic feet); Includes 3-piece hand tool kit with a hand trowel, hand cultivator, and hand fork
  • Tumbling action speeds up composting, saving you effort in turning backyard waste into compost
  • Metal legs give the composter a solid, stable platform in your backyard, plus they make the composter easy to assemble
  • Mixing bars and the integrated aeration system speed up the composting process
  • Heavy-duty all-season construction and UV protection for year-round composting
Weight 12.20 lbs
Dimensions 25.00 × 22.30 × 5.50 in


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